Soloist-Brazilian compared to 30th Cocobolo

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Soloist-Brazilian compared to 30th Cocobolo

Postby Dreamtimeland » Sun Jul 16, 2017 12:52 am


I'm giving serious consideration in purchasing a Soloist. Anyone dare to touch on comparing a "standard Brazilian" with the Cocobolo 30th anniversary; all things being equal: European tops? Then again Brazilian AT Adirondak? Most sales people I've spoken with have said Brazilian is the way to go. That said, I imagine there was some substantial consideration given to the 30th anniversary models. The Bearclaw tops look great. The Cocobolo backs look really good, but I wouldn't say they look better than the Cocobolo used on other Bourgeois guitars-to say the least. I was told this set of Cocobolo may be slightly thinner and more practical for the Soloist model.


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