My new Bourgeois

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My new Bourgeois

Postby GBS » Thu Oct 26, 2017 4:50 pm

Hello all,
I’m now 2 day fresh super enthusiastic Bourgeois owner.

Unfortunately, I had to buy a used one this first time, but am already planning an 00 to celebrate when my youngest finishes college (#3) and I'm done with writing those big checks.

I bought a 2003 Vintage D custom that is superlative instrument in tone, playability, craftsmanship, wood selection, finish...did I miss anything? I can’t put it down.

It does have a formed below the bridge belly. I measured it at 3/16 of an inch on each side which is getting close to "problematic" per some web discussions. But the bridge is solid; the action is still very good with lots of nut left. After lots of study, I'm OK with it. Dana B has a published article on bellying and there is a really good write-up on Both conclude belly is correlated to good tone, all great guitars will eventually belly, and that at some point neck resets will be needed on all guitars that last that long. But it does remind me of the benefits of buying a new guitar...having the warrantee and customer support.

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