Never Ending Thread

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Never Ending Thread

Postby George3rd » Mon Nov 13, 2017 9:36 am

I am new here, but the first thing I noticed is that there is not a lot of activity, which is plainly seen by the long lapses between posting dates. As a long time member of some other forums, I have observed that the members have need to get to know each other a bit in order to spark interesting posts and discussions. One of the ways I have seen this done is to launch a "Never ending thread" that hopefully will attract all kinds of discussion and get the members talking to one another about whatever it is they want to talk about.

So why not begin with myself? I am George Brown, I am currently 68 years old, retired after >50 years in the workplace, father of 5, grandfather of 13, 12 year stage 3 cancer survivor, have been playing and working on guitars since 1964 and that hobby continues to be my number one passion in life. I live in North East Texas, but have lived an worked in many places in the USA and around the world. I own >50 but <100 guitars of many brands and styles, but I am not a hoarder. I love to conduct high accuracy setups to the thousandth of an inch, repair and upgrade just about anything on a guitar, and I have a passion for audiophile quality music recording equipment and accessories. I buy and sell on Reverb to have something to do other than yardwork and housework.

I only own one Bourgeois guitar to date, but it is my goal to procure more. I am fascinated by the build quality of this product. My next one will be an aged tone, large soundhole model, hopefully with a sunburst top. I own several Larrivee's, Martins, Gibson customs, Northwood, Morgan, and some better known production guitars. My Bourgeois is right on top of my very best premier quality guitars, I am very impressed with fit, finish, playability and certainly the tone and audio quality.

So what do you say? Do we get this forum going or are we going to let it just wane away?

I for one would be happy to get to know you...

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